Mahanaim offers developing musicians a wide range of academic programs centered around a strong core curriculum that trains highly skilled musicians to succeed no matter where they go. Mahanaim graduates find success in furthering their education and in their professional endeavours. 


Mahanaim offers music programs taught by outstanding faculty and is comprised of the core music curriculum, specialized courses by concentration, and liberal arts courses, all taught in an intensive conservatory setting.


Mahanaim Offers Programs in

  • Performance

  • Conducting

  • Composition

Core Program

The core curriculum is comprised of courses that all students regardless of their specialty will take during their program. It gives students a solid foundation in performance skills and experience in various settings as well as in music history, theory, keyboard, and aural skills. All students share a common Liberal Arts requirement as well. 

Performance Component

Private Lessons & Juries

  • Lessons: All students have private studio lessons with their private instructor for each term of their program. Mahanaim students will meet with their private instructor once a week, for a total of 15 private lessons a term.

  • Midterm: During the eighth week of each term, students will have a midterm performance.

  • Final Jury: At the conclusion of each term, students perform a jury before their private instructor, program chair, and another member of the faculty. Jury requirements change with each year the student advances in their program. Details on the midterm and final jury can be found in the Repertoire Requirements document and Private Lesson syllabus.



  • 10-Minute Concert: Students will perform a 10-minute excerpt of their recital program at the beginning of each semester. 10-Minute Concerts are performed for the student’s peers and are an opportunity to receive feedback early on in the semester. These performances are not graded, but are a requirement to pass the Recital course.

  • Solo Recital: Students also prepare and perform a solo recital at the end of each term. Recitals are performed on stage for the same evaluation panel as the jury in addition to the student’s peers and the public. Recital requirements change with each year the student advances in their program. Details can be found in the Repertoire Requirements document and Recital syllabus. 


Commencement Recital

  • The commencement recital is the culminating experience of all Mahanaim graduates and an opportunity to put all of the skills, techniques, and knowledge accrued on display for the entire Mahanaim community, their families, and the general public. Students and their instructors select one piece to prepare to start in their junior year and undergo a series of rehearsals throughout their last year leading up to the commencement concert, which is held in the Spring semester for graduating students. 


Ensembles & Conducting

  • All students have Choir for two years of study. 

  • According to their concentration, students will have additional requirements in small, large, or a combination of ensembles such as Chamber, Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, or Choir. 

  • All students not already specializing in conducting have four semesters of Choral Conducting.


  • All students not already specializing in piano have four terms of Required Piano to become proficient in basic keyboard skills essential for any musician in an instructing or leadership position. 

Music Academic Component

Musical Studies

  • All students take a course series called Musical Studies, which combines topics in music theory, music history, harmony, and analysis into one comprehensive course. 



  • All students take a solfeggio course series to develop their aural skills, pitch, and sight-reading skills.

Liberal Arts Component

  • Students take courses in the humanities and social sciences.

  • All students share the same liberal arts requirements. The courses are:

    • Introduction to New Testament

    • Introduction to Old Testament

    • English Composition I

    • English Composition II

    • American Literature

    • Introduction to Drama

    • Spanish I

    • Spanish II

    • Public Speaking

    • History of Art

Year (Both Semesters)
PVT 101/102 - 401/402
Major Lessons
PVT 1-3/104 - 403/404
Year 1
  • Midterm Exam 
  • Final Jury
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Solo Recital (20 min)
Year 2
  • Midterm Exam 
  • Final Jury
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Solo Recital (30 min)
Year 3
  • Midterm Exam 
  • Final Jury
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Solo recital (40 min)
Year 4
  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Jury
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Solo Recital (50 min)
  • Commencement Recital (Second Semester)

Major Program Evaluations 

Rules on each evaluation can be found in the Repertoire Requirements manual and Major Lessons or Recital syllabi. 

Deadlines for repertoire submissions and the dates of each evaluation can be found on the Academic Calendar

Other Requirements

Specialized Courses by Concentration:

Each program has specialized courses apart from the core curriculum that are required for graduation. These can be found on each program’s specific page and in the course catalog. 

Weekly Chapel:

All students are required to attend at least one Chapel service per week during the academic year. Chapel is offered Monday through Friday from 8:00am -9:00am in Mahanaim Auditorium. 


Programs of Study