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Mahanaim Offers Programs in

  • Performance

  • Conducting

  • Composition

Core Program

The core curriculum is comprised of courses that all students regardless of their specialty will take during their program. It gives students a solid foundation in performance skills and experience in various settings as well as in music history, theory, keyboard, and aural skills. All students share a common Liberal Arts requirement as well. 

1st Semester
PVT 101, 201, 301, 401
PVT 303, 403
2nd Semester
PVT 102, 202, 302, 402
PVT 304, 404
Year 1
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Studio Recital
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Studio Recital
Year 2
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Studio Recital
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Studio Recital
Year 3
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Solo Recital (30 Min)
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Solo Recital (30 Min)
Year 4
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Solo Recital (40 Min)
  • 10-Minute Concert
  • Technical Exam or Final Jury* 
  • Solo Recital (40 Min)

Major Program Evaluations 

*Whether the student will have a technical exam or final jury at the end of the semester is determined by what program they are enrolled in. This information, as well as rules on each evaluation, can be found in the Repertoire Requirements document and Private Lessons or Recital syllabi. Deadlines for repertoire submissions and the dates of each evaluation can be found on the Academic Calendar

This is a general overview of performance evaluations for all performance programs. Composition evaluations follow a different system and each program has slight variations in their evaluation schedules. 

Performance Component

Private Lessons & Juries

  • Lessons: All students have private studio lessons with their private instructor for each term of their program. Mahanaim students will meet with their private instructor once a week, for a total of 15 private lessons a term.

  • Technical Exam / Final Jury: At the conclusion of each term, students perform either a technical exam or a jury, depending on the term, before their private instructor, program chair, and other members of the faculty. Repertoire requirements change with each year the student advances in their program. Details on the technical exam and final jury can be found in the Repertoire Requirements document and Private Lesson syllabus.  



  • 10-Minute Concerts: Each term, students will perform a 10-minute excerpt of their recital program prior to performing their full recital. 10-Minute Concerts are performed for the student’s peers and the public and are an opportunity to receive feedback early on in the semester. These performances are not graded but are a requirement to pass the Private Lesson or Recital course. 10-minute concerts are held every weekend from the fifth to the tenth week of the semester, with students signing up for a day/time slot to perform. 

  • Studio Recital: Students in their first and second years will perform a studio recital each term. Studio recitals are not graded or performed for a wide audience. Rather, the student performs for the rest of their studio and their instructor, who gives feedback. 

  • Solo Recital: Students in their third and fourth years will perform a solo recital each term. Solo Recitals are performed on stage for the same evaluation panel as the jury in addition to the student’s peers and the public. Recital requirements change with each year the student advances in their program. Details can be found in the Repertoire Requirements document and Recital syllabus

  • Commencement Recital: The commencement recital is the culminating experience of all Mahanaim graduates and an opportunity to put all of the skills, techniques, and knowledge accrued on display for the entire Mahanaim community, their families, and the general public. Students and their instructors select one piece to prepare starting in Year 3 and undergo a series of rehearsals throughout their last year leading up to the commencement concert, which is held in the Spring semester for graduating students. The commencement recital will be included in the student’s final recital grade. 


Ensembles & Conducting

  • Choir: All students have Choir for four terms in Years 1 and 2. 

  • Ensembles: According to their concentration, students will have additional requirements in small, large, or a combination of ensembles such as Chamber, Orchestra, Vocal Ensemble, or Choir. 

  • Conducting: All students not already specializing in conducting have two terms of Choral Conducting in Year 4.


  • Required Piano: All students not already specializing in piano have four terms of Required Piano in Years 1 and 2 to become proficient in basic keyboard skills essential for any musician in an instructing or leadership position.


  • Seasonal Concert: Seasonal Concerts are held in Mahanaim for the public at the end of each term. Performances are chosen by audition and will feature solo, duet, chamber, choir, and orchestra performances. All students and groups are welcome to audition for the seasonal concert. The seasonal concert does not fulfill any course requirements. 

  • Ensemble Concerts: Mahanaim holds both a Vocal Ensemble Concert and Chamber Concert at the end of each term. All concerts are open to the public. All students enrolled in either Vocal Ensemble or a chamber group will perform in their respective concerts for that term as a part of their ensemble course grade. 

Music Academic Component

Musical Studies

  • All students take a six-course sequence called Musical Studies from Years 1 to 3, which combines topics in music theory, music history, harmony, and analysis into one comprehensive course. 


  • All students take a six-course solfeggio sequence from Years 1 to 3 to develop their aural skills, pitch, and sight-reading skills. 

Liberal Arts Component

  • Students take courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics.

  • All students share the same liberal arts requirements. The courses are:

    • Introduction to New Testament

    • Introduction to Old Testament

    • English Composition I

    • English Composition II

    • American Literature

    • Introduction to Drama

    • Spanish I

    • Spanish II

    • Public Speaking

    • Introduction to Computing

    • Environmental Science or Physics of Music

Other Requirements


  • Experiencing music as both a performer and audience member is integral to the development of a Mahanaim musician and contributes to the school community. All students are required to attend at least one 30-minute and two 40-minute recitals, for a total of at least four solo recitals, each term of their program. In addition to four solo recitals, all students must attend their studio’s studio recital whether or not they are performing. If their own studio is not holding a recital, they may attend the recital of another studio.

  • Students may receive a signature on their Recital Attendance Form from the Administrative Director of Academic Affairs, who is in attendance at every student recital. They must attend the whole recital and then give their form to the ADAA at the conclusion of the recital to be counted for attendance. This is a Non-Clock Hour requirement with no letter grade given at the end of the term. A student will receive a pass/non-pass grade instead. Records of attendance are kept by the Office of Academic Affairs.

  • Students who have failed to fulfill the requirement in a given term may make up for lacking attendance Forms in the following term. However, a student who attends more than four recitals in one term cannot use their extra attendance to fulfill the following term’s requirements.

  • Piano students who are accompanying other students’ recitals may use those recitals to fulfill their requirements as long as they get their form signed each time.

Program Description

Mahanaim proudly offers programs in Music and English as a Second Language, each tailored to provide a unique and enriching educational experience.

Music Program 

Explore the world of music through Mahanaim's renowned performance and composition programs, where aspiring musicians delve into a comprehensive curriculum led by exceptional faculty. Our curriculum includes core music studies, specialized concentration courses, and liberal arts, all within an intensive conservatory setting. 

ESL Program

Embark on a language-learning journey with Mahanaim's ESL programs, tailored for students at beginner, intermediate, and advanced proficiency levels. High school students can also participate in the ESL Explorer Program, combining language proficiency development with cultural exploration. Our dedicated team ensures a supportive learning environment, empowering students to excel in language skills and beyond.


Programs of Study

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