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Writing Center

Writing Center


The Writing Center is an integral part of the Academic Excellence Center, aiming to assist students throughout their writing process by providing them with one-on-one tutoring. The center also offers additional support for ESL students by holding Writing Seminars, a stepping-stone service that provides students a space to build their communication skills as writers whose second language is English.

  • Writing Center

The AEC staff provides help with writing assignments by catching grammatical errors, poor sentence structures, and pinpointing problematic areas in students’ writing process. You can use the Writing Center service either by walking into the AEC or by making an appointment for a 30-minute session. If there is availability, the session can be extended for another 30 minutes. 


  • Writing Seminar

For ESL students, the AEC provides writing seminars - group sessions where you can discover common writing issues and find solutions together with your peers. The collaborative and safe space that is created through the Writing Seminar allows you to freely express yourself through writing without the burden of being wrong. As a group, the Director of the AEC guides the group to learn from each other's mistakes and make improvements together. International students that struggle with English are required to attend 12 one-hour writing seminars - six in their first term and six in their second term.



The Writing Center at Mahanaim guides students to identify their personal strengths and challenges as writers and steers them to increase their self-efficacy. No matter where they are in their process, and regardless of their level, the center is dedicated to the growth and success of each student.



  • You may drop by the AEC to receive help Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM, if a tutor is not available, you may book appointments on the AEC’s calendar or by emailing

  • When you attend your writing session, a tutor will sign you in, review your reason(s) for coming in, and assist you through your writing process.

  • After sessions are concluded, using the Writing Session Log form, tutors report what was worked on with tutees.

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