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The Student Wellness Center is where Mahanaim will address the issues that face students and affect their well-being during their time at Mahanaim. There are many elements that contribute to the healthy and successful development of selfless musicians that will bring a positive influence to the world. The Student Wellness Center will supplement the academic facet of Mahanaim in order to bring a well-rounded experience to every student.

Spiritual Counseling

What sets Mahanaim apart is that it firmly believes in and is equipped to address the spiritual needs and development of a student. The spiritual part of the student is very important to the development of his or her philosophy towards music, life, and the people who will be included in his or her world. Many of the difficulties and problems people face are directly connected to and thus, can be resolved by addressing their issues from a spiritual perspective. At Mahanaim, all students can exercise the valuable resource of our Spiritual Counseling service. All a student needs is to contact the Office of Student Experience in order to make an appointment. Appointments are made on a first-come-first-serve basis, but every request will be answered.

Health Service

The Health Office is run by a licensed registered nurse. While there are minor medical services we are able to provide, but our Health Office is not equipped or authorized to act as a clinic or hospital, and therefore, we are unable to substitute for one. Therefore, our Health Office will mainly provide medical recommendation services and Mahanaim will make sure to help provide its students with the best options available to them.

Student health services include: 

  • Minor illness care

  • Minor injury and first aid 

  • Referrals to local hospitals, clinics, and/or physicians 
    ** In the event of a medical emergency, please see the Numbers to Know section of this page.

Numbers to Know:

Emergency: 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Police: Suffolk County Police 2nd Precinct - 631-854-8200

Huntington Hospital Emergency Department: 631-351-2300

Office of Student Experience (Room 131)

Chief Student Experience Officer: Terry Henderson

Phone: 631-944-4400 ext. 2930


Student Health Service:

Student Health Advisor: Yunmi Park, Registered Nurse

Phone: 631-944-4400 ext. 2091


Student Experience

Student Wellness Center

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