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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring


Peer Mentoring is a function of the Academic Excellence Center (AEC) to support first-semester students at Mahanaim to better assist their transition into the Mahanaim community. Peer Mentors are upperclassmen student volunteers that provide group mentoring under the supervision of the Director of the AEC. 


From the first day at Mahanaim, first-semester students can make new friends with upperclassmen who have firsthand knowledge and experience with many of the struggles, questions, or issues new students typically encounter. Peer Mentors are an invaluable resource for new students who may not know what to do or where to go for help while navigating their first semester. 


Mentors are grouped with five to six first-semester students for one semester, meeting at least once a month to answer their questions and check that the new students are adapting well to the new environment. 



Peer Mentors serve the first-semester students of Mahanaim by being advocates and role models, as well as helping them to build familiarity with utilizing Mahanaim’s facilities, website, Moodle, and OpenSIS - while also encouraging them to be acquainted with faculty and staff. 



Provide peer mentoring support for first-semester students to become confident, allowing them to confidently transition into Mahanaim and complete their first semester. 

How to Become a Peer Mentor

Junior and senior students wishing to become peer mentors may submit a Peer Mentor Application. Additionally, Program Chairs, faculty, staff, and Peer Mentors may submit a Peer Mentor Recommendation form for students they believe would be great peer mentors. Additionally, the Director of the AEC works with the Program Chairs and the Associate VPAA to identify students that have the potential to become Peer Mentors. Recommendation forms and applications should be submitted one semester ahead of time, before the semester in which the nominee may begin. Those who are nominated will receive an email notification from the AEC encouraging them to submit a Peer Mentor application. Students that have submitted their applications will be scheduled for an interview/information session, after which they are notified rather or not are have been selected for the position. 


In the event that there are no incoming first-semester students, candidates will be notified that the AEC will hold on to their application and may reach out to them at the end of the following semester to inquire if they are still interested in becoming a Peer Mentor. 


Mentoring Assignment

Each Peer Mentor is assigned a handful of students - about five to six. Mentors are responsible for being of service to them for one semester. These small groups will communicate regularly through group chats and will meet once a month, over the course of the mentees’ first semester.


Peer Mentors Responsibilities

  • Build a relationship with mentees through real heart-to-heart connections and encouragement.

  • Create an open line of communication with mentees by organizing a group chat.

  • Meet with the mentee group at least once a month.

  • Answer questions that mentees may have about the Mahanaim community.

  • Provide tips and advice to mentees based on personal experiences.

  • Point mentees in the right direction to best utilize Mahanaim’s campus, resources, and services.

  • Encourage mentees to connect with administrators, faculty, and staff for any support they may need or questions that they may need to be answered.

  • Encourage mentees to make tutoring and advising appointments if needed.

  • Remind mentees of important academic calendar dates.



Peer Mentors and mentees will evaluate the peer mentoring service at the end of the semester. Based on the feedback received, the AEC will aim to make improvements.

How can I become a Peer Mentor?

To become a Peer Mentor, click here to apply and get more details.

Refer mentees facing academic, personal, financial, or other challenges that hinder their academic success to Mahanaim CARE teams by visiting the Academic Excellence Center or contacting

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