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Graduation Policy

Prior to the official completion of their degree, a student must meet the standards established by the faculty and administration of Mahanaim.  These standards include:


  1. Satisfaction and completion of all degree and instructional requirements with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, with no incomplete or pending grades.

  2. Financially cleared by the Bursar that the student does not have an outstanding balance.

  3. Return all books, scores, equipment and materials to the library or other departments. 

  4. Must be in good standing and have no current or pending cases, according to the Student Code of Conduct.

  5. Have completed an Application for Graduation and their Graduation interview.


Once all requirements have been met, and all approval bodies have certified the degree, Mahanaim will mail the certificate and an official transcript to the student. 

Students who intend to graduate must complete an Application for Graduation as directed by the Registrar at the start of their final semester. The application will require the student to visit each school office to receive a signature verifying that the above-mentioned conditions have been met in relation to each respective office. The school confers certificates two times per academic year during the Commencement Ceremony.


Graduation Policy

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