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Choral Conducting

Choral Conducting 

The conducting program prepares students who intend to pursue a profession in conducting or continue their education. Conducting students gain hands-on experience in leadership and management of rehearsals and performances in both school and professional settings. 

Program-Specific Course and Non-Course Requirements by Year

Specific requirements for the technical exams, final juries, studio and solo recitals, and 10-minute concerts for choral conducting students can be found in the Repertoire Requirements document. Pre-screening and live audition requirements can be found on the Admissions page on the school website. In addition to the core curriculum, choral conducting students have the following requirements: 


  • Score Reading

    • In Year 1, students will enroll in two terms of Score Reading to develop and reinforce their ability to read choral and orchestral music in all clefs and apply these skills to the process of reading transposing instruments in orchestral scores. 


  • Vocal Lessons

    • In Year 2, students will enroll in two terms of Vocal Lessons, taught one-on-one by a voice faculty member. Students will better grasp vocal techniques in order to use voices effectively when leading a vocal ensemble or choir. Students will learn various repertoires from basic to intermediate levels and will develop the fundamentals of voice training and sound production. 


  • Choir

    • Students will enroll in Choir for all eight terms of their program instead of the core requirement of just four terms. Choral conducting students will have opportunities to rehearse conducting with the Mahaniam Choir during classes. 


  • Analysis

    • In Years 2 and 3, students will enroll in four terms of Analysis where they will discuss the musical forms, harmony, and counterpoint of various eras. These courses will focus on analyzing, rather than writing, music from each area. 


  • Polyphony 

    • In Year 4, students will enroll in two terms of Polyphony which focuses primarily on the writing of counterpoints in certain styles and will also examine these styles from a historical and analytical perspective. 


Choral Conducting

Program Chair

Dr. Eunsook Park

Admissions Information

Conducting Program Chair

Dr. Eunsook Park

Admissions Information

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