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Registration &
Enrollment Verification

Registration and Enrollment Verification  

Students (both new and current) are required to follow the plan of study according to their program and enrollment status (full-time or part-time) and are automatically registered for classes according to their program requirements for that term. Registration is done following the student’s regular advising appointment with their academic advisor. Students wishing to register for courses outside of their plan of study must receive the approval of their chair. Registration is not complete until the payment of tuition and fees has been made or other arrangements have been made in accordance with the policies of the Mahanaim Bursar. Students with a hold on their account may request a CARE team to help resolve the hold before the following term’s registration deadline.  

New Students

In order to be registered for their first term, new students who have been admitted to Mahanaim must sign and submit the required documentation (e.g., Enrollment Agreement, Registration form, release forms, etc.) and submit it to the appropriate offices. New students are then assigned an academic advisor who will register the students for their first term courses. Students will then receive their tuition invoice and should make their first tuition payment and all fee payments by the assigned due dates.

Current Students

Students already enrolled in Mahanaim who are returning for their next term of study must fill out and submit the next term’s registration form, indicating their plan to enroll, their program, and their preferred method to pay tuition. They must also pay any outstanding fees or other balances and resolve any holds on their account in order to be officially registered for that term. Students may not attend classes and will not be added to any class rosters until this requirement is fulfilled in accordance with the tuition/fee policies. Students on an installment-based payment plan must pay their first payment by its due date in order to begin attending classes.

Enrollment Verification

To request an Enrollment Verification Letter for the current term or a past term that you were enrolled in, download, fill out, and submit the Official Document Request Form to the Registrar via email or in person. Please allow two to three business days for your letter to be sent to you. 

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