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The Piano program prepares students who aspire to be professional performers in solo or group settings, collaborative pianists, studio instructors, and other professions in the music field. Performance majors are given extensive opportunities to perform on stage each semester of their program as they develop their technique, expression, and overall musicality across a wide range of repertoire through intensive studio and small group instruction.

  • Concentration-Specific Course and Non-Course Requirements by Year: 

Specific requirements for midterm and final juries, solo recitals, and 10-minute concerts for piano students can be found in the Repertoire Requirements manual. Pre-screening and live audition requirements can be found on the Admissions page. In addition to the core curriculum, piano students have the following requirements: 

  • Accompaniment 

    • Pianists will not only develop their skills as soloists but as accompanists as well. Students will take eight semesters of accompaniment lessons during their program years while accompanying a minimum of 3 students of other majors each semester.


  • Chamber & Chamber Concert

    • Students will enroll in Chamber for all eight semesters of their program to fulfill their ensemble requirement. 

    • The Chamber Concert is held at the end of each semester for the public and all chamber groups must participate as a part of their Chamber course participation grade. 


  • Keyboard Harmony 

    • In years 2 and 3, piano students begin a four-semester Keyboard Harmony course sequence to develop their musicianship skills at the keyboard including score-reading, clef-reading, transposition and figured bass. 


  • Distribution of courses taken IN ADDITION TO the core curriculum: 


  • Year 1*:

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 146-147 Accompaniment I-II

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 162 Chamber

    • Spring/Fall: Chamber Concert

  • Year 2*:

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 246-247 Accompaniment III-IV

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 162 Chamber

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 248-249 Keyboard Harmony I-II

    • Spring/Fall: Chamber Concert

  • Year 3:

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 346-347 Accompaniment V-VI

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 162 Chamber

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 348-349 Keyboard Harmony III-IV

    • Spring/Fall: Chamber Concert

  • Year 4:

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 446-447 Accompaniment VII-VIII

    • Spring/Fall: MUSC 162 Chamber

    • Spring/Fall: Chamber Concert


*Piano students do not take Required Piano I-IV. 

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