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Student Hold

Student Hold

A hold will prevent students from class registration and the release of a certificate. Students with unpaid financial obligations, which can be a composite of tuition, fees, or library fines, will have a financial hold placed on their accounts. Students with a balance will be sent a monthly statement by the Bursar. Two weeks before registration begins, the Bursar sends a list of current holds to the Registrar, who will then only open registration for students who do not have a hold. Questions or concerns about tuition and fees should be directed to the Bursar.


Questions or concerns about library fines should be directed to the Librarian.

Removal of Holds

A hold is not removed until the student resolves the problem with the caused issue. Only the Director of Finance, the Bursar, or the Registrar may remove holds. Students with unpaid tuition or fee balances should meet with the Bursar to make arrangements so as to prevent a registration hold for future terms.

Students who have a balance due at the point of graduation will have notices sent to them by the Bursar. They should work with their advisor to develop a plan to prevent holds on their program.

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