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Student Activities

Student activities enrich life on campus and create opportunities for student involvement to become active members of the community. An array of educational, leadership, and social programs are offered that promote student learning.

Community Service

One of Mahanaim’s Core Values is to encourage selflessness through service and giving. Therefore, our students are open to engaging with the community in various ways. Every student at Mahanaim engages in community outreach programs, such as concerts and performances at public and private schools, nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages, community centers, veterans centers, and more. Over the years, Mahanaim’s community outreach has become not only a very welcomed pillar in the community but also a highlight and memorable experience for all our students.

Student Assembly

The Student Assembly is the student voice within the Mahanaim governance structure.  The Assembly actively participates by contributing ideas on policies and practices, establishes a collegial and supportive academic ecosystem, and contributes to ongoing quality improvements in the school. 

Student Experience

Student Activities

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