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Campus Life

One of the key elements of a student’s experience is what he or she experiences while on campus. We believe that the student’s campus life at Mahanaim sets it apart from other schools in many ways. You will also come to see why Mahanaim is such a wonderful place to receive an education when you experience the many things Mahanaim has to offer from the historic building, family-like environment, world-class musical education, access to facilities, and a unique food service that you can find nowhere else.

Facilities & Services

Food Service

Mahanaim believes in providing it students with everything they need for the best experience possible. This also extends to what the students eat. Other schools charge their students for the meals they eat, but due to the Mahanaim’s supporters around the world, Mahanaim is able to provide all 3 meals free of charge for all students. This unique set up and approach will not only give Mahanaim students access to high-quality and delicious meals from many different cultures around the world, but it frees all students to focus on their studies and thus takes a very big burden off our students.


Not only does Mahanaim’s menu include the foods from different areas around the globe, but they are prepared by a staff who are completely dedicated to and share the dream and vision Mahanaim has for its students. Mahanaim’s secret sauce is the highest quality ingredients and the faith and love of the staff added to every meal. Students get free access to the cafeteria during every meal, to lounge, or to eat snacks and food they get on their own. Bon appetite!

Information Technology

To be competitive in today’s environment, we need to provide students with as many tools as possible to ensure students have all the access they need to highest level of information technology. Every student has free access to a state of the art wifi network that covers every corner of the building. The bandwidth at Mahanaim allows all students the seamlessly take classes, lessons, or access anything they need to supplement their academic needs.


Computer Lab - Mahanaim is dedicated to giving students help where they need it. Currently, Mahanaim is in the process of putting together a computer lab that will give students every advantage they need for homework, projects, and research in order for the students to put their best foot forward.


With classrooms of different shapes and sizes, Mahanaim is able to provide students with the perfect environment for lectures, private lessons, group lessons, or any/every academic need. All classrooms come equipped with audio/video capability for learning purposes.

Practice Rooms

There are many music schools that are not capable of providing students with ample space for practicing. With numerous private soundproof practice rooms, students have access to all the practice time they need. There are also various practice rooms available for ensemble, choral, and orchestral practice sessions.


Mahanaim has an indoor gym with a full basketball court. It is a great place to not only play basketball but for other exercise activities that the students wish to engage in. The gymnasium is available to students year-round. The gym also offers full showers and changing rooms. Outside, Mahanaim’s 11-acre campus is open to students for exercise, sports, or recreational activities on the multiple open fields. Mahanaim greatly encourages students to engage in activities that will improve and benefit their well-being.


With all of the original hand-carved woodwork, the Mahanaim Auditorium is a wonderful venue that is as beautiful acoustically as it is aesthetically. Mahanaim’s auditorium provides our school with an on-campus location where all major concerts, recitals, and other various performances and events can be held year-round with very minimal cost and travel for students. With a fully functional stage, lighting system, sound system, and orchestra and balcony-level seating for close to 900, students can experience what performing on a grand stage is really like. Mahanaim Seasonal Concerts are all held in the Mahanaim Auditorium.

Mahanaim Hall

As the secondary performance space in Mahanaim, Mahanaim Hall is one of the most beautiful and spacious rooms on campus. It has become a multi-purpose gem that really contributes to the character of the campus. Mahanaim Hall is the primary rehearsal space for the orchestra and choir. Smaller concerts such as the Chamber Concert and Vocal Ensemble Concert are also held. Finally, Mahanaim Hall serves as a regular venue for studio and solo recitals, juries, and masterclasses.

Gracias Hall

Gracias Hall is a small concert and lecture hall. With theater-style seating for 150, a small elevated stage, and a fully capable audio/video setup, this room is able to cater to any kind of need. Gracias Hall is used for ceremonies, mini-concerts, recitals, juries, lectures, and presentations. 

Recording Studio

Another unique feature of Mahanaim is that it also has a audio and video recording studio. Students have access to a sound booth if they need to record their performances and pieces for auditions, tests, or just for their professors to monitor their progress. With such a diverse curriculum that our students are exposed to, Mahanaim has had to diversify its rooms and facilities to match those needs.

Contact Information for Facilities

IT Office: 147A

Chief Information Officer: Joshua Park

Phone: 631-944-4400 ext. 2032



Maintenance Office: 145A

Maintenance Manager: Seong Jin Shim

Phone: 631-944-4400 ext. 2033



Office of Student Experience: 131

Chief Student Experience Officer: Terry Henderson

Phone: 631-944-4400 ext. 2930


Town of Huntington

Mahanaim sits on a beautiful 11-acre campus in the town of Huntington, a town along the north shore of Long Island. Situated along Route 110 just south of downtown Huntington, the campus is only a ten-minute walk to the Long Island Railroad, where students can hop a train for a 50-minute ride into the city. Mahanaim is also only a five-minute drive from Huntington’s vibrant downtown, which is known for its restaurants, shops, parks, and numerous museums and other attractions. Huntington Harbor lies just beyond the town and is lined by many beaches, parks, and popular destinations. A short drive along the shore in either direction will take students to any one of the numerous small towns that line the north shore including Cold Spring Harbor, Oyster Bay, and Northport.

Huntington Public Library

The library has a vast catalog which extends to digital contents as well, including ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, music, and videos. The library has partnerships with digital service provides which allows patrons to access tens of thousands of resources. These digital services are, OverDrive (HPL), OverDrive (Live-brary), EBSCOhost eBooks, ComicsPlus, Flipster, RECORDED BOOKS (Magazines) (formerly Zinio), Hoopla, and OneClickdigital. All you need to do to gain access to these resources is get a Huntington Public Library card. Talk with our Mahanaim librarian for more information. Visit the website.

Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium

The Vanderbilt Mansion (includes the Habitat and Stoll Wing animal dioramas, and natural-history and cultural-artifact galleries in the Memorial Wing), The Hall of Fishes marine museum, Planetarium exhibits, and the grounds and gardens. At the Daytime Planetarium Shows discover the visual wonders of the Reichert Planetarium, where our Konica Minolta Infinium star projector and full-dome video transport you across the universe. A the Evening Planetarium Shows in the evening, the Reichert Planetarium offers shows more suitable for family and adult audiences, including live talks and tours of the night sky and laser-light shows set to classic rock and popular music. Go on an Estate Walk and Talk Tour of the exterior of the Vanderbilt Mansion explore the unique architecture, collections, Vanderbilt family history, and Eagle’s Nest estate. Visit the website. 

Heckscher Museum of Art

The Heckscher Museum of Art presents dynamic exhibitions and inspiring museum programs, serving the people of the Town of Huntington and all of Long Island.  It maintains an important Permanent Collection that includes more than 2,300 pieces. Visit the website.

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)

The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is in walking distance from Mahanaim. If you want to go into Manhattan to see a show on Broadway, at the Lincoln Center, or many other places, just hop of the LIRR.

For more information about the Town of Huntington click here.

Student Experience

Campus Life

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