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Mission & Vision

Core Values

Our students, faculty, partners, staff and alumni are a faith community, who are mindful of the wider context for music, with core values of


Good News New York Church

Mahanaim School was founded by the Good News New York Church in 2006 with the purpose of bringing change to the world through music. Good News New York Church is the sole-proprietor of Mahanaim.

Gracias Choir

Gracias Choir serves as the intellectual foundation for Mahanaim's music program. The Gracias Choir's unique pedagogy and methods of learning are implemented in the program for advancement.


To study not only for our personal benefit or gain but with the ultimate goal of benefiting others through our music. Also, music is not done within oneself, but it is shared with others as an interaction between musicians and the audience. 

Intellectual depth

To not just possess a wealth of knowledge, but also the ability to think deeply. It is also knowing how much we don’t know and thus approaching our studies with a heart of humility. 


To have a mindset to never give up and to overcome all obstacles on the pathway to becoming top musicians. As an institution, to provide opportunities and encouragement for students always to push forward. 


To have hope and assurance in what we are doing and learning, where we are going, faith in God for their futures, and to be faithful to each other as a community.


By 2030, Mahanaim will be a degree-granting, accredited music conservatory. It will serve a diverse student body of talented musicians from New York and around the globe, who are able to get a top music education regardless of financial status.


Mahanaim educates and cultivates excellent musicians by providing music programs grounded in education of the mind within a faith-based environment, based on talent and not financial ability, making a conservatory-style education accessible to more underserved populations around the world.

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