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Tutoring Center

Tutoring Center


The Tutoring Center is an integral part of the Academic Excellence Center (AEC) - aiming to foster students’ academic success by providing one-on-one tutoring and quality resources. The AEC staff provides help to students by guiding them to think critically and introducing them to learning strategies. Students can utilize Tutoring Center services by walking into the AEC or making an appointment for a 30-minute session. Sessions can be extended if time allows.



The Tutoring Center supports students’ academic success in their courses by providing one-on-one tutoring and learning resources. The Tutoring Center guides students to not only develop their academic skills but also foster academic independence and resilience. Students will see improvements in their academic performances as a result of using the Tutoring Center. 


  • For students needing assistance, the AEC accepts walk-ins during school hours. Alternatively, students may book appointments through the AEC’s calendar or email if a tutor is unavailable for a walk-in.

  • When students have a tutoring session, the tutor will sign them in, assess the issue the student is facing, and offer assistance in understanding the subject matter and/or working through a particular assignment. 


CLICK HERE to book an appointment.

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