Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Program supports students dealing with academic challenges by providing peer-to-peer assistance in a comfortable learning environment, allowing them to learn from their peers to get practical study tips, assistance understanding course content, and help to prepare for quizzes and exams. 


Peer Tutoring is offered through either one-on-one or study group sessions that meet regularly during the semester. The Associate Director of the AEC manages and oversees Peer Tutoring. The Associate Director trains, manages, and regularly checks up on Peer Tutors and gets reports on tutees’ progress. The Associate Director also collaborates with faculty, the Academic Affairs office, and with CARE teams when appropriate to best support tutees’ academic development. The Associate Director also works closely with the librarian to provide the tutors with academic resources.


Students who want to join Peer Tutoring sessions should fill out a form to participate in a study group led by a Peer Tutor. It is mandatory for students who have previously failed a course to participate in Peer Tutoring. Professors can also request a peer tutor for those students who are failing their first few assignments and quizzes. 


Peer Tutor:

Peer Tutors are students that lead peer-to-peer teaching and learning sessions to help tutees learn comfortably through a peer-level learning experience. Peer tutor selection is made by application and teacher/staff recommendation. Peer Tutor applicants should complete and submit the Mahanaim Peer Tutor Application Form and send the Professor/Staff’s Recommendation Letter Form to or submit it in person to the Academic Excellence Center.



Students interested in becoming a Peer Tutor should have successfully completed the course they wish to tutor in with an A- or above and maintain a 3.5 cumulative G.P.A. or above, or have been recommended by the faculty and have proved that they are currently in good standing within the course. Peer Tutor selections are made by application and teacher/staff recommendation. After reviewing the applications and recommendations, the Associate Director of the AEC selects applicants that will become peer tutors for the current semester.



The tutor and the tutees are paired based on data such as application forms and faculty/staff recommendations. Tutoring groups are first paired based on the previous semester’s grades. As the semester progresses, new students and subjects may be added by the faculties’ referral or other students’ additional tutoring applications. Depending on the circumstances and needs of each semester, the tutoring session may be a group session or a one-on-one individual tutoring session. 



The tutors and tutees will schedule tutoring sessions and the location as needed. Tutors will schedule session time(s) and notify tutees. Generally, tutoring sessions are held once or twice a week. 


Students who would like one-time academic support can also request a tutor by emailing for an appointment. The Associate Director of the AEC will either join them in an ongoing peer tutoring session or direct them to an AEC staff member who can support them.  


If a tutee cannot attend their session they must notify their tutor at least 24 hours in advance. If a tutee does not attend the session without notification, they will be considered absent after 15 minutes. All absences will be reported to the Academic Excellence Center. Students who are continually absent will be warned and handled in accordance with the Peer Tutoring Behavioral Policy.


Behavioral Policy:

Continuous absences without any particular reason or a lack of minimum effort required to proceed with the sessions, or any conflict between the tutor and tutee, should be reported to the Associate Director of the Academic Excellence Center. In this case, the following steps will be taken by School:

  1. Warning

  2. Counseling with Associate Director of the Academic Excellence Center

  3. Counseling with VP of Academic Excellence

  4. Counseling with VP of Academic Affairs

  5. CARE Team Recommendation

Cases of verbal or physical violence or harassment between the tutor and the tutee, will be addressed according to the Mahanaim Disciplinary Policy. 


Student Evaluation:

Tutees are required to complete the Student Evaluation of Peer Tutor Form at the end of the semester.

How can I become a Peer Tutor?

To become a Peer Tutor, click here to apply and get more details.


Email to make an appointment.