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Academic Policies and Procedures


​Music Forms:

  • Repertoire Change Request Form

  • Chamber Group Request Form

  • Additional Chamber Group Request Form

  • Instrument Usage Form

  • Request for Accompaniment Form

  • 10-Minute Concert Repertoire Submission Form

  • Midterm Repertoire Submission Form

  • Recital Repertoire Submission Form

  • Final Jury Repertoire Submission Form

Academic Forms: 

  • Transfer Credit Request Form

  • Appeals / Grievance Form

  • Program Change Form

  • Instructor Change Form

  • Secondary Instrument Form

  • Credit Overload Form


Registrar Forms:

  • Add, Drop, or Withdraw Form

  • Excused Absence Request Form

  • Leave of Absence/ Withdrawal Form

  • Incomplete Grade Form

  • Enrollment Verification Form

  • Transcript Request Form

  • Graduation Application

  • FERPA Record Request Form

  • FERPA Record Amendment Form

  • FERPA Record Release Form

  • FERPA Non-Disclosure Form

Bursar Forms:

  • Tuition Delay Request Form

Course Syllabi

  • Major Lesson General Syllabus

  • Recital General Syllabus

  • Chamber General Syllabus

Academic Publications

Repertoire Requirements
Mahanaim Catalog
Student Handbook


Academic Resources

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