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The Student Assembly is the student voice within the Mahanaim governance structure.  The Assembly actively participates by contributing ideas on policies and practices, establishing a collegial and supportive academic ecosystem, and contributing to ongoing quality improvements in the school. 

Founding Meeting

The Student Assembly will hold an initial meeting.  In that meeting, they will elect a chair and a vice-chair.  A founding meeting will occur during the first week of the fall term each academic year.

Leadership Roles

The chair serves as organizer and leader of all Assembly meetings, and in consultation with the vice-chair, coordinates the schedule of meetings. Additionally, the chair serves as the student representative on the Executive Council.

The vice-chair leads meetings in the chair’s absence.  Additionally, the vice-chair is responsible for ensuring that a meeting agenda is published in advance and the meeting minutes are published.  Additionally, the vice-chair serves as the student representative to the Academic Council.

Operational By-Laws

In maintaining the Mahanaim culture of collegiality, trust, and inherent sense of fairness, the committee will function in a collaborative manner.

Student Experience

Student Assembly

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