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ESL - Advanced

ESL - Advanced

In the Advanced Program, learners reach a level of fluency in English that equips them with enhanced confidence and control over reading, listening, speaking, grammar, and writing. Upon completion, you’ll possess the proficiency to excel in English-speaking workplaces, schools, and colleges. You’ll be adept at understanding and crafting complex sentences, making your everyday conversations sound more natural. By the end of the program, you’ll have an expanded vocabulary of 4,000-4,500 words, enabling you to express your opinions and knowledge effectively in both written and spoken language. You’ll be skilled at inferring word meanings from context and usage. Moreover, you’ll comprehend intricate texts on a wide range of concrete and abstract topics, engage in technical discussions, and produce specialized writings in various fields, whether familiar or less familiar. Most importantly, you’ll communicate effortlessly, making interactions smooth and effective for all parties involved.

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ESL Program Director

Rev. Terry Henderson

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Conducting Program Chair

Dr. Eunsook Park

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