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Application Deadlines


Common application: March 1st

Pre-screening: March 1st

Live audition: Live audition dates will be set and notified after reviewing applications.


Common application: September 1st

Prescreening: September 1st

Live audition: Live audition dates will be set and notified after reviewing applications.

We strongly encourage all applicants to apply by or before these deadlines.

Please email us at with any questions.

The Application Process

Prepare Application Required Documents

High School Transcript

  • Please send the original transcript(s) to Mahanaim.

​SAT or ACT scores (if applicable) 

  • DI (Designated Institution) Code: 7867*
    * Please put this code when you take a test to send your test result directly to Mahanaim.

  • College/University transcripts (if applicable)

    • Please send the original transcript(s) to Mahanaim.

  • TOEFL (if applicable) 

    • All applicants whose first language is not English must submit valid English language proficiency test results within the past two years. (Validity of TOEFL test is two years)

    • TOEFL iBT score, minimum score of 50 -DI (Designated Institution) Code: B 175*
      * Please put this code when you take a test to send your test result directly to Mahanaim.

    • Mahanaim does not require TOEFL scores for applicants who have:

  • Recommendation letters

    • Applicants must list the names and email addresses of those who are writing recommendation letters.
      1) One from a current teacher of the academic institute
      2) One from a music instructor

  • Essay 

    • All applicants are required to submit a one-page essay with their application on one of the following topics:
      1) Describe your goals in life and tell us your specific reasons for choosing to apply to Mahanaim as you pursue these goals.
      2) Describe a time when you confronted a challenge, obstacle, or failure. How did it influence you, and what did you learn from the experience?

Pre-screening links 

  • Students will upload a recording of pre-screening repertoires on YouTube with the application. 

  • Upload the public link on the online application page.
    * For the piano major, applicants' hands and feet should be clearly visible.
    * All pieces must be performed from memory.
    * Pre-screening results will be announced two weeks after the application deadline date.

    Check Pre-screening Requirements 

Complete Your Application

Applicants are required to apply online by filling out the application on Mahanaim's website(LINK). You must complete all required fields and submit the required materials. Most materials can be submitted electronically when you fill out the online application. Mahanaim accepts applications from musicians pursuing the following courses of study:







Double Bass













Orchestral Conducting

Choral Conducting

Submit Your Application Fee

At the end of submitting online application, do not forget to pay the application fee. The application fee is $100 is non-refundable.

Our Mailing Address

Whenever possible, please send all official documents electronically, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and application fees.


In unusual situations where items must be mailed, please send to:



Department of Enrollment Management

300 Nassau Rd

Huntington, NY 11731

Check Your Application Status

Once you have submitted your application online, the Department of Enrollment Management will notify you via email of your application submission. 


If you are required for additional documents or have some missing documents, the Department of Enrollment Management will contact you via email. 


Meanwhile, if you have any questions about your application status, you can contact us any time via email -

Live Audition & Interview

Once you are qualified after reviewing your application and pre-screening submission, you will receive an email about the date and time for your live audition and interview.


The interview is intended to help us to get to know you better. There’s nothing specific you need to prepare. The interview will take place at the end of the live audition.  


If you have further questions about the live audition, contact the Department of Enrollment Management via email:


REMEMBER: You must memorize all the pieces that you will perform during the audition.


Check Live Audition Requirements 

Receive Your Decision

Spring admission decisions are released on a rolling basis starting in October.

Fall Admission decisions are released on a rolling basis starting in April.

Additional Information for Specific Applicant Populations

Some applicants are required to submit additional information. If you identify as an applicant from one of these populations please submit the required information below.

International Applicants

Students from all over the world comes to Mahanaim. The school is authorized by the United States government to enroll international students in the full-time degree and diploma programs.


To find out more detailed information for international students, visit International Affairs.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer students are students who have graduated from high school or earned a high school equivalent and are in the process of completing or have completed college or university coursework after high school graduation. If you are unsure whether to apply as a first-year applicant or a transfer applicant, please email

Applicants for Readmission

If a student takes two consecutive terms or more for a leave of absence, the student will not be withdrawn, however, he/she will need to re-audition and be re-evaluated to determine proper program and/or English proficiency placement. The following materials are required of applicants seeking readmission:

  • Application for Readmission 

  • Transcripts 

  • Audition

  • Application Fee

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Please explain why you left Mahanaim, your activities since your departure, and your reasons for wishing to return. This statement should be attached as a Word document to the email submission of this application,

Please save the documents with your last name and “readmission application” as the file name.

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How to Apply

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