Recital and Jury Repertoire Submissions Policy

Students must submit their repertoire for the 10-minute Concert, Recital, Midterm, and Final Jury in advance. Repertoire is decided based on the Repertoire Requirements manual and discussion between the student and their private lesson instructor. Students must submit their repertoire through the appropriate repertoire forms.

The deadlines for the concerts and juries repertoire submission are listed below. Exact dates are indicated on the Academic Calendar for the current semester. Once the student submits their repertoire form, the Office of Academic Affairs will check whether they satisfy the Repertoire Requirements for their current year and instrument.

10-Minute Concert Submission Deadline: Two Weeks After Semester Begins 10-Minute Repertoire Form

Midterm Submission Deadline: Two Weeks Before Midterms Week

Midterm Repertoire Form

Recital Submission Deadlines:

- Instruments and Piano: Four Weeks After Start of the Semester

- Voice: Six Weeks After the Start of the Semester Recital Repertoire Form Final Jury Submission Deadline: Two Weeks Before Finals Week

Final Jury Repertoire Form

Changes to Repertoire

Repertoire can only be modified after submission if the request is made more than one month prior to the start of the recital period, or in special circumstances, including family emergencies, documented injury or illness, etc.

Until a month before the recital period, students can change their repertoire in consultation with the Office of Academic Affairs. However, after that, the recital repertoire can only be changed in special circumstances, under the approval of the Chair and Associate VP for Academic Affairs.

In this case, students who want to change their repertoire must submit the Change of Repertoire Form and get the signature of their Chair and the AVPAA.

Repertoire change requests made after the published deadlines for the following reasons will not be accepted:

  1. Lack of memorization or preparation.

  2. Submitted repertoire does not match the requirements for that student.


Checking Repertoire

When students perform, the Chair, who is in charge of scoring the performance, will check whether their pieces comply with the repertoire they have submitted. The items to be checked are as follows:

  • The title of the pieces.

  • The number of music

  • Language (voice students)

  • The total length of the performance

There will be deductions to the student’s score if they play music different from the original repertoire list, play fewer pieces, or perform significantly less than the required performance length.


Office of Academic Affairs

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