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Chamber Group Pairing Policy

Students who expect to enroll in the Chamber for the upcoming term must fill out the Chamber Group Request Form and submit it online before the current term ends.

The Chamber Group Request Form includes the following information:


  • The ensemble type.

  • Title of repertoire.

  • List of the students in the chamber.

  • Desired professor.

The chamber members list does not have to be complete. Students can list the names of up to three instructors whom they would like to have as their coaches. 

Types of ensembles may include the following:


String duet, trio, quartet, quintet, or sextet, etc.

Strings with Piano

Sonata, Piano Trio, Piano Quartet, piano quintet, etc.


Woodwinds duet, trio, quartet, quintet, or other ensembles with or without strings and/or piano

Piano Duet

Two pianos or Four Hands


Duo, Trio, Quartet, or other ensembles with or without strings, winds, and/or piano


The Office of Academic Affairs places students in groups based on their Chamber Group Request Form. The office will also assist students who have not yet formed groups. 

If there are still students who are without chamber members, the students can form a group with the following performers:


  • Volunteer (External Performer)

  • Volunteer (Graduates)

  • Students who have enrolled in double chambers for the current term* 

*A student who has already applied for a chamber group may enroll in a second chamber group if they have Chamber course requirements remaining, so long as they stay within the course load limit and have received permission from the Office of Academic Affairs. 

Students who wish to take two-chamber classes simultaneously must submit an Additional Chamber Group Request Form with their Chair’s approval.



Office of Academic Affairs

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