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Giammarie Pieri


Professor Pieri is a dedicated, award-winning, internationally recognized educator who began her career as a special reporter for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Right, before dedicating her life to education and the pursuit of knowledge and self-reflection. As a Professor of Social Sciences and the Humanities, specializing in Critical Thinking, Non-Cognitive Skill Building, Narrative Writing, Emotional Intelligence and the Psychology of Emotion for over 20 years, Professor Pieri has helped thousands of students become more self-reflective, confident individuals who believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

She is the founder and President of Giammarie Pieri Associates since 2008. She has been a cultural and linguistic immersion coach since 2013. She has previously taught at SUNY Ulster, Berkely College, College du Luman. Currently, she teaches at LIM College.

Pieri has a MA in Education from Columbia University and a MA from Webster University. She also holds a TESOL certificate from Teachers College- Columbia University.

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Giammarie Pieri


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