Practice Rooms Policy

Mahanaim has two sections of private practice rooms that are assigned to students every semester. They are basement-level practice rooms A-T and the bridge practice rooms #1-23.

I. Assigning Practice Rooms

  • Practice rooms for students are reassigned every semester and can either be used alone or shared between one or two people at a time, depending on enrollment.

  • Priorities in assigning an individual practice room are as follows:

  • Senior students have priority.

  • In the case of the same grade, full-time students have priority over part-time students.

  • Larger practice rooms are assigned to students with larger musical instruments (trombone, double bass, etc.).

  • The student's instrument is taken into consideration when assigning practice rooms.

  • Students with large instruments are assigned to share practice rooms with students learning voice or small instruments.

  • Practice rooms with pianos are assigned to piano students first. Any remaining practice rooms equipped with pianos will be assigned to senior voice students next.

  • Students wishing to change their practice room must send an email to with specific reasons for the change within the first week of the semester.

  • Practice room changes will not be made after the first week of the semester except in special circumstances.

II. Practice Room Usage Policy

  • Students can use the practice room during the school’s open hours.

  • Heaters, lights, or fans should be turned off when you leave.

  • No food or beverages can be brought in except water in a resealable container.

  • Users are responsible for keeping the practice room clean at all times.

  • Do not cover or obstruct practice room windows.

  • Students can leave their personal items or musical instruments in the practice room, but Mahanaim is not responsible for any left or lost items.

  • Users are responsible for any damages or losses to school-owned instruments, equipment, or facilities and the expenses incurred as a result.

III. Practice Room Etiquette Policy

  • Repeated violations of practice room policies may lead to warnings and expulsion from the practice room.

  • Practice rooms are for productive and academic activities such as practicing and studying. Disturbing the practice room atmosphere can be a condition for expulsion from the practice room.

  • Cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs in the practice room are all prohibited. The use of any of these items will cause expulsion from the practice room and can lead to other disciplinary measures according to the Student Code of Conduct.

  • A student expelled from a practice room cannot use the practice room during the semester and must wait until the next semester to be assigned a new practice room.

  • Cases of verbal or physical violence or harassment in the practice rooms will be addressed according to the Mahanaim Disciplinary Measures Policy and Student Code of Conduct.


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