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Attendance Policy

Classes at Mahanaim are designed to be highly interactive and participatory, so excessive absences will decrease a student’s learning benefit and will damage their academic performance. Additionally, any scholarships or awards can also be affected by a student’s failure to attend and have penalties or consequences for excessive absenteeism. Mahanaim does understand that there will be events such as illness or occurrences such as religious observances which can affect attendance. For that reason, we have created the Mahanaim Attendance Policy to guide students.

I. Course Attendance

Each faculty member at Mahanaim will have their specific attendance policy stated in the course syllabus which must be followed. The Institutional policy is that missing more than 25% of a course’s lessons or lectures, for any combination of factors excused or unexcused, will result in the student being withdrawn from the course or possibly receiving a failing grade. Faculty have the right to impose stricter policies and penalties, including penalties on work they deem late because of an absence.

II. Excused versus Unexcused Absences

Excused absences are those which the student notifies the faculty member about in advance (such as religious observances) or those for which the student provides documentation of a situation wherein the student was able to neither attend class nor notify the faculty member in advance (such as injury or illness). For cases in which the student needs to be absent from multiple courses for a professional or artistic opportunity outside of the school, they must submit an Excused Absence Request Form, together with confirmations from each of their instructors to the Associate VP of Academic Affairs for approval, and then the Registrar who will notify all faculty of the approved absence.

Students who miss class due to circumstances connected to a school-recognized disability should speak with the Mahanaim Disability Counselor.

III. Tardiness

Instructors have the right to establish their own penalties for tardiness, including counting a given degree of tardiness as an absence.

IV. Missed Private Lessons

If a private lesson is missed as an excused absence, the faculty member will work with the student to reschedule through the Registrar. Unexcused absences are not permitted for private lessons. Faculty are not obligated to reschedule unexcused absences that result in missed lessons. All missed private lessons should be reported immediately to the Associate VP of Academic Affairs. Given the significance of private lessons to the Mahanaim curriculum, one unexcused absence will result in a mandatory meeting with the Associate VP of Academic Affairs before the student can continue their lessons. Further unexcused absences will be handled in accordance with Mahanaim’s Disciplinary Measures and can result in dismissal from the school.

V. Health and Mental Health-Related Issues

Health-Related Issues

If because of injury, illness, or hospitalization, a student realizes they will have to miss a number of classes, the student should report such to the Student Health Advisor along with the appropriate medical documentation such as a doctor’s note. Following a consultation, the Student Health Advisor will notify the Registrar and will recommend a CARE team to support the student in their academic recovery in the event of a prolonged absence.

Mental Health Issues

Students who are having motivational issues resulting from emotional or mental health issues should contact the Student Wellness Center for assistance and support. Following a consultation, the Student Wellness Center will notify the Registrar and will recommend a CARE team to support the student in their academic recovery in the event of a prolonged absence.


Office of Academic Affairs

Ram I Lee - Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Room 114a



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