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Accompaniment Policy

Mahanaim offers piano students the opportunity to collaborate with various instrumentalists and vocalists through accompaniment and provides reasonable accompaniment services to all music students for all music activities within their curriculum:

  • 10-minute Concert

  • Recital

  • Final Jury

Accompanists at Mahanaim include:

  • Piano students enrolled in the Accompaniment course.

  • Volunteers (External Performer)

  • Volunteers (Graduates)


The Piano Chair assigns the pairing of soloists and accompanists considering the students’ grades, skills, repertoire, etc. Soloists are evenly distributed according to the number of accompanists. The factors to be considered when pairing are:

  • Grade and skill level of a piano student

  • Repertoire

  • The difficulty of the repertoire

  • Experience

  • The Soloists’ instrument

*To provide accompaniment experience with various musical instruments and voice types, Mahanaim pairs each piano student with soloists of various instruments including vocals, strings, woodwinds, brass, etc.

*To avoid scheduling conflicts, only up to two students in the same vocal class will be assigned to one accompanist.

The accompanist for ensemble classes will be determined by the recommendation of the accompaniment faculty from among students taking accompaniment lessons.

Rehearsal Scheduling

Soloists and accompanists will discuss and schedule rehearsals as needed. The accompanists are required to attend soloists’ lessons 1-2 weeks before the recital, concert, or juries. The rehearsal schedule may be changed depending on the request of the private instructor.

Extra-Curricular Accompaniment

Mahanaim does not sponsor extracurricular music activities such as competitions. However, students can ask for accompanists through the Request for Extracurricular Accompaniment form for extracurricular activities. The cost for extracurricular accompaniment is $50 a session, regardless of having a rehearsal or the actual event.



Sungyoung Heil - Professor of Required Piano

Room 114a



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