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Academic Advising

Each student is assigned an academic advisor upon enrolling in Mahanaim. In most cases, a student’s academic advisor will be the Chair of the program they are in and will not change for the duration of their program unless under the most extreme of circumstances. Academic Advisors guide students through their program by tracking their progress towards completion, ensuring they are enrolling in the right courses and fulfilling all requirements, and addressing academic issues or questions.

As a member of the Academic Excellence Center and CARE teams, academic advisors also refer the student to other staff and support services that can assist the student when necessary. Advising periods typically run during the first week and the 12th-13th week of the semester. Beginning-of-semester advising is optional, however, end-of-semester advising is mandatory as that is when students will plan and enroll in their courses for the following semester.

Spring 2022 Semester Dates:

Special Advising Period: 1/24-1/28

Mandatory Advising Period: 5/2-5/6

Students can also request advising at any time during the semester by appointment.

Academic Advisers by Program

Voice Academic Advisor

Dr. Seongsook Choi - Voice Chair

Room 121a

Piano Academic Advisor

Sungyoung Heil - Professor of Non-Major Piano

Room 114a

Orchestral Instruments Academic Advisor

Dr. Lisa Westervelt - Orchestral Instruments Chair

Room 121c

Composition and Conducting Academic Advisor

Hyerim Jang

Room 114a


Policies & Procedures


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