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Dr. Eun Sook Park


Dr. Eun Sook Park is a worldly renowned talented and accomplished director, conductor, and pioneer of music education, who has made a worldwide impact in the hearts and lives of people through performances, creating innovative musical productions, and making amazing contributions to music education. As a pioneer in the field of musical education, Dr. Park has developed a new teaching method to break the established stereotypes regarding the use of pedagogical tools in solving functional pedagogical problems. She is also the founder of 18 professional music schools located in developing countries to provide better classic music learning opportunities.

She is the director and chief conductor of Gracias Choir. With her strong leadership and top-level music technical skills, she had led the choir from a small local choir to a world-renowned and internationally award-winning choir. She is a “thinking artist” who has led each and every member of the Gracias Choir with dedication and zest to become a choir of unprecedented new sound.

Dr. Eun Sook Park received her doctoral degree in pedagogical sciences from The Herzen State Pedagogical University in Russia. She received her master’s degree in Symphony Orchestra Conducting and Choir Conducting from The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory.

Choral Conducting, Choir, Orchestra

Dr. Eun Sook Park


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