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ESL - Intermediate

ESL - Intermediate

Qualifying for the Intermediate Program signifies that you’ve made substantial progress in mastering the fundamentals of English, but you’re not yet ready for exclusive work or study in English. This program is tailored to expand your vocabulary to 2,500-3,000 words, enabling you to communicate effectively about everyday issues, situations, and various topics in both verbal and written form. You will gain the ability to engage in spontaneous conversations, tackle problems, and respond to unforeseen situations. Additionally, you will comprehend the main points of standard content related to familiar subjects encountered in daily life, whether at work or school, through conversations, or the things you read and hear. You’ll also develop the skills to understand English in the context of TV shows, movies, music, stories, and various media outlets.

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ESL Program Director

Rev. Terry Henderson

Admissions Information

Conducting Program Chair

Dr. Eunsook Park

Admissions Information

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