I-20 Request

Requesting a Form I-20 

International Students admitted into a full-time academic program at Mahanaim must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility to enter and/or re-enter the U.S. in M-1 Student. This applies to new students and transfer students from another U.S. university, college or high school. Students returning from a leave of absence must also have a Form I-20 to return/remain in the United States. The procedures for requesting a Form I-20 differs depending on academic level and Visa type, please read the following instructions carefully:

Undergraduate Students

  • Go to Mahanaim website complete Requesting I-20 Form.

  • Your request will then be reviewed by Office of International Affairs. If your request is approved, your Form I-20 will be processed and mailed to you via USPS or DHL.

Required Documents for I-20

  • Copy of a Student’s Passport

  • A Student’s Address in His or Her Home Country

  • Copy of a Proof of Financial Support (e.g. Bank Statement)

  • Copy of a Student’s I-94 (If applicable)