Tonnia Apfel

B.B.A., Georgia State University

For six years, Ms. Apfel taught various levels in the Lincoln School system, an alternative high school system in South Korea. She was also a teacher at Bucheon Lincoln House School for four years, developing, operating, and teaching English to high school students.

Binnie Pasquier

B.A., California State University at Chico
M.A. in TESOL, Long Island University, C.W. Post, NY

Ms. Pasquier is a very experienced ESL teacher and ESL Teacher Trainer. She had taught ESL at Hicksville Public Schools for 15 years. She held Oxford Seminars for training ESL teachers at Stony Brook University since 2009. She has been giving various groups of non-English Speaking students ESL classes at 63 Mahanaim for two years.

Sylvia Chung

B.A., University of California Los Angeles

For six years, Ms. Chung taught various levels of ESL in Mahanaim in Huntington, New York. From middle school students to college level and beyond.

Jennifer Oh

B.A., California State University, Los Angeles, California

Jennifer has taught ESL to high school students at Mahanaim since 2010. She mainly focuses on the usage of American expressions and idioms. Currently, BPSS certified ESL teacher.